Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Re-menty goodness

I took some pics a few days ago of some of my newest Re-ment. I was stoked to see the Hello Kitty a few months ago, but have been waiting to buy it. I finally got the toaster oven and the rice cooker. These would be simply amazing in real size. I'm so excited to have go them though. They are easily some of my favorite pieces. Okay but the mustache teapot, hands down my favorite. I saw this little guy in the flickr re-ment group and I had to have it. The great part was, is that this is an older set, so my seller had it for only 3.49. Score! I love seeing his little smiling face with the mustache.
I have to say, I have bought from several sellers on ebay but the best seller of all time has to be Lucky Kaeru Fabric and Supplies!
She has the fastest shipping I have ever seen coming from California, and she has the cheapest shipping. If your are in the market, buy from her!
She always gets the newest pieces, but has some of the old goodies too!
Have a great day!

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