Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know everyone has heard of "Flight of the Concords" right? Their songs make me laugh so hard. I got to thinking about their show again when I saw that Jemaine was going to be in the new movie " A Dinner for Schmucks." The first show that they did I still laugh at the song," I'm not crying."

I was one of those kids that would laugh hysterically at all the Weird Al Yankovic videos. I thought it was a real treat to watch the videos on MTV and VH1. I love silly songs. My husband and I are quite silly anyways. We are always making up funny random songs that get stuck in everyone's heads. My kids have started doing this too, which makes me crack up. We make up silly names for things. Our youngest, whose name is Esme, was given the nickname "Neens" which has some how stuck. We have many more crazy words I will spare you. Its the little silly things that can make a crazy day turn around. Have a great day!

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