Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun things around the web

I have been organizing a bit in my craft area. I love finding little vintage pieces to use for organizing. Etsy is the best place for these sorts of things. I bought 7 of these little tins from
"Tara's Vintage Kitchen"
Super cute vintage finds. I love putting all my little in's and odds's in them.

When Goodwilling the other week I found this cute yellow lazy susan to place all my little tins on , and for small item storage on my craft desk.

Well, if their is one thing that I just can't get enough of , it is Kawaii Cute things. Whilst surfing etsy suggestions for my shop (by the way, love!) I came across "NothingElegant." Her shop is super fun. Check out these super sweet memo pads. I used to collect as a girl all different types of memo pads.

Danielle over at "Thompson Family" shared a super cute shop that sell the most awesome kawaii kits.
The "Wu & Wu" shop.

The best part is, is that it is a company that ships out of Chicago. No long waits. Really check out their change purses too. I can see buying these little kits for Christmas this year.

If you are fan of Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine, Science of Sleep) I came across his short film on demand called "Tokyo -Interior Design" It is a film of three short films, but Michel Gondry's is "Interior Design." Absolutely intriguing, funny, yet left you with something to think about. I suppose all of his films do. If you have chance check it out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Week Of Sorts

This week I took the kids to the Frazier History Musuem. They are featuring a pirate theme, which the kids were thrilled about. I have been teaching through vikings, knights, and pirates this year with my son, so this was very exciting to see it come to life. They had a treasure map hunt, that was so fun. We packed a lunch and took our time looking at swords, boats,and armours.

I finished the detail on my magician bunny. I have to say, I believe he is my all time fave of the series. His little furry face is my favorite part.

I love these shoes. They have them in black and white as well. They would look so funky with some rolled up jeans. I also love the saddle show love that is popping up everywhere. As a little girl I always wanted saddle shoes.

We are rapping up the school year this week. I am looking forward for some relaxed time and a little more crafty time in the mornings. Just enjoying the warm weather in the backyard with a schedule brings much excitement. Oh and yes, I am looking forward to getting my "Danbo" in the mail. Yes, I splurged and bought one. Silly, I know, but .... This week at the thriftstore I found the coolest "lazy susan" for my desk so that I can spin all my little crafty ins and odds. I will take a pic tommorrow. Okay, off to relax!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things around the house

I bought this little guy at the grocery the other night, I was so stoked. I mean he has a pipe. I have a collection going in the front yard. He is my fourth. It seems I get one or two every year.

I have been wanting to dive back into watercolors for awhile now, and now that I am sketching again, I want to put some paint to my characters as well.

I came across this old advertisement on the back one an old comic book. It brings back so many memories of being a kid. With the remake coming out, I thought this was funny to come across.
I was jogging this morning and the played some "Tegan and Sara." I really like this song.

Well I had better go. Bye.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I came across Danbo recentlty on flickr from on of my flickr friends. I can't get enough how expressive Danbo can be just by his movements. I mean he is a box character. I have to have a Danbo soon. I have found a
seller from the U.K. which has really great prices for little Danbo. This may be my next frivolous buy. I am still saving up however, for a dollhouse. I want to build my own I have decided, so that I can customize it myself. I plan on making the "Brookwood" made by Greanleaf, and switching around the pieces. And making it much like the one in the this picture.

I can't wait. Building something, or sewing something feel much the same to me. Each piece is much like a puzzle, and it is so much putting them together. I hope to get some finishing touches done this week to my pieces and have them in the shop,knock on wood, by the end of the week. I am ready to make some clothes by golly (Did I just say golly?) Anyway, off to my day!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hairless Cats and Illustrated Recipes

I have been sketching animals like crazy lately, and have a blast giving them their own personality. Well today I started thinking about hairless cats. I have always found them quite intriquing, and I always feel a little embarrassed for them, being naked and all ;) We have fur allergies in these parts, but a hairless just might be the cat for us. I have so many ideas of how I want my little character to look, drawn that is. Aren't they crazy intriguing though?
I was reading Craft this morning, as it always arrives in my inbox each morning when I came across this website that encourages people to illustrate their recipes and share them. This sounds like so much fun, and so much fun to look at. I can see myself sketching my recipes now, and sharing them . I don't know why this is so exciting to me, but I just love to see what people eat, and love see peoples food on paper. The site is called
"Recipe Look." It kept me quite captivated! Not only are they exciting to make but super fun to look at. A must check out. Be prepared for future sketches of my food.
Well I'm off to relax!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost There

So I'm almost there. I have been so tired in the evenings lately, I have been working at a snails pace. We are busy wrapping up a school year with my son and we are ready for a summer break in a couple of weeks. I hope to get alot of crafting time this summer. I need to do some more finishing touches to my "Vintage Circus" themed pieces. I had a whole cluster of ideas the past couple of weeks (and thanks to my husbands creative mind) I was able to bust our a bunch of ideas. I have a whole process I work through. I kind of stew on the idea, then I start some sketches (planning colors, materials), and then I get to work embroidery, and then finally painting the hoops the accent colors. I need to do some more details and then paint the hoops, and I'm well on my way. I have been having fun thinking of animals dressed up doing different acts. Too much fun! If your in the New York area, be sure to check out the "Lost At Sea" show at Gallery Hanahou. I have been excited to see glimpses of the opening night of the show and all the faces with their pieces. I wish I could go. If you go to their
you can check out everyone's pieces and purchase them right there as well. Pretty nifty set up. Well I'm off to get a much dreaded check-up at the doctors. I very rarely go. I can't stand the doctors. Ugh!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am a the mother to three wonderful little people. I can't even tell you how much I love them! They each made me a special mothers day card. Each is so priceless. Each I will treasure for the rest of my life. I spend everday with these little wonders. The make me laugh hysterically. As a mommy its the smallest things that you treasure. One of those things that I enjoy is watching my kids at dinner. They will talk about funny things, like to eat their food in funny ways, and honestly I love to watch their little fingers feed themselves. I love to hear them talking to each other in their room. I love to listen to them play with their toys and make up little stories, that usually involve farts or going to the bathroom. I took them to the park the other day and while watching them play I couldn't believe that they were all little babies at one time. I was up with them at night, held them when they were so fragile, and couldn't get enough of the snuggles as they fell asleep on my chest. Now as they grow I enjoy the kisses we share (even if they say mine are too wet), give the best hugs in the world, tell me they love me several times a day,
and bring much joy and wonder to my life. Being a mother is something that you could never explain until you experience it. Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things and Such

My husband bought me the "She and Him" from Zooey Dechanel and M. Ward. I am so loving the old school feel of her voice. She even uses such old school language. It makes you feel like your listening to someone from the fifties. I love it. I think my fave song is "In the Sun." It is so upbeat. And the video is super cute!
I am a big fan of Belle and Sebastian as well that gives an old school feel to the songs.

I wish I could be in New York today for the opening of the "Lost At Sea" Show at Gallery Hanahou. I was honored to have three pieces in the show. You can check out some of the pieces that the artists made on the website. They are "Amazing." Just to be in a list with Jenny Hart gets me all excited. I loved her work so very much. Her yearbook sketches show is super duper awesome!

Well have a great day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunny Day

It has been quite the sunny day. And I' m not complaining. I love waking up to a sunny day. It puts me in a better mood, and I feel like I'm more inspired to get things done. Some things that I have really been liking lately are, and have been consuming alot of

I'm lovin' the lemon lime Crysal light. I like the "no artificial sweetners" too. Now I will have the articial on occassion (phenalanine) but I don't want to consume too much.

We have been consuming a whole mess of sunflower seeds lately. They are good for you with the Vitamin E. We are a nut free home here, so these are the next best thing for snacking.

I love these sandals from "Urban Outfitters." I love flat sandals,but the touch I love the most is the preppy little tassel, and I love brown sandals.

We are going to visit family this weekend, and I am super excited. We don't live immediatly by anyone, two hours or more away, so it is a real treat to seem some fam. It does sometimes feel like we are out on an island with no one around at times not seeing family but a few times a year. We live in a town where alot of people are here for a few years (college) and then they move on. So that kind of makes it hard to make permanent friends in town. Bummer. I hope to one day start a crafting group of some sort to meet new friends. I'm kind of an introvert at times, and having three kids, makes it a bit hard to make new friends. Wow, hopefully I dont' sound too depressing. Just stuff I'm thinking about. Well, have a sun shiny day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rainy Weekend

We have been having terrential rains here this weekend. We were getting ready to leave today to get our fave tacos, when I noticed our little turtle friend helplessly wondering around our yard. Now we don't live right next to a forest or lake, and our road is a bit busy at times. So, we decided we would take him to the park with a nice pond, that other turtles swim in, and has a nature preserve. My son and husband carried to the water, and he happily jumped in. He was so cute. My youngest, Esme cried when we had to leave him. We got our Nintendo in the mail yesterday, and haven't stopped playing it. My husband has been hooked on "Paperboy" and "Kung-Fu." I am a "Super Mario" fan myself. I had so much fun playing it. We ordered some of my childhood faves, " Phantom Fighter," and " Ghost and Goblins." Too much fun. I have been cranking along on some new ideas I've mentioned before.

I love to get a burst of fresh ideas. I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. the other night crazily working on stuff. But when a creative bug bites, you almost can't resist going with it. Have a happy Sunday!