Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mozzarella Sticks= Success

I have been wanting to make homeade mozzarella sticks ever since I read this post on the amazing Emma's blog "From Scratch."
Sadly I decided that I needed to make these, at 11 o'clock at night. Well I didn't realize I need to put them in the freezer for thirty minutes, so that threw a few things off. I have to say, they were still delicious. I don't know what time normal people go to bed, but I don't turn in until around 12:30. I just can't wind down until then. But when I hit the pillow, I'm out. I had drank a coke zero at dinner, and then had two cups of coffee as well. Needless to say, I think I was on a caffeine kick. I have all these ideas swimming in my head to try some new items in my shop, so if I can get these designed and figured out I will be a happy person.
I love to cross stitch and I haven't in some time, so I'm wanting to do some projects along those lines. I wish I could see everything pixelized, but since I'm not a computer, graph paper will do. I found some web sites that you can just print out the paper online. Super awesome. We have been having the most amazing weather this week. I mean cool in the morning, and then only getting up to the 80's. Crazy nice. This morning after I washed some dishes I headed down the hall to hear water flowing somewhere. As I imagined it was coming from the hot water heater. So immediatly I call my husband at work, to stress him out (aren't wives great at this?) He came how to access it, then called a plumber. Thankfully it just looks like we need to replace a valve. Phew! Dont' know why I wrote that, it just threw my morning off a bit.

Check out this adorable fox shirt from etsy seller "Dandyrions."

I have been following the "Pin Pals" for a little while now on Flickr. Their work is so inspiring and amazing. Check out their blog for some major fun cross stitch.

Okay for now! Have a great day!!

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