Friday, February 24, 2012


Wow, can't believe how long its been since I've blogged. It has been one crazy busy, sick season. As Feburary is heart month, come to find out, I have high blood pressure. Good part is, is that it is not diet related. Apparently it is "in the genes." I was feeling quite strange ( dizzy, flushed, fatigued, crazy headaches). Nutso. So good news I'm on meds. Then my little guy has been under the weather, and then on top of it has an allergy to the meds, which has covered him head to toe in red bumps.
Needless to say I have been one crazy lady.
I have medicated myself by buying some miniatures. So nice to self-medicated by shopping, right?
I have been going through trying to slowly buy re-ment sets that I had formerly missed. The other day I received the re-ment decorative cakes.

I had a wonderful valentines day! Sushi, followed by dessert, and wonderful gifts. We recently started watching "Adventure Time." I had mentioned I would love to have the characters.

Lo and behold, my husband got me Finn and Jake. Yay!
He also had heard me talking non-stop how the library needed to have "Bossy-pant," by Tina Fey. I just finished it the other day, and it was quite hilarious!

We made plans for a family day last Friday and went to see "Arrietty." Wow, if you enjoyed "Totoro" "Kiki's Delivery Service" or any of Hayao Myazaki, you will not be disappointed. It was really beautiful drawn. The story line is wonderful too, based on the book "The Borrowers." My kids loved it!

I hope to get to work on my room boxes again. I am always inspired by other's dollhouse creations! The entries for the "I'm A Giant" contest were simply amazing.

We had fun making goodies this month for valentines day. As a chocolate nut, I made some delicious chocolate heart brownies. Love love this recipe!
Then I made some cookies for a valentine party for the kids. I have been wanting to make a cookie with jam inside forever. So I made some hearts with rasberry and apricot preserves. They were delicious. They are a Martha Stewart recipe I found. They tasted amazing with coffee.

So good, you should make them.
I hope to be here again sometime soon. I love reading other's blogs, and thank you to those who stop by for a visit and leave wonderful comments. They brighten my day!