Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Costumes are done!

I finished the cupcake costumes while making dinner. We have a cupcake with a cherry on top, and a cupcake with a rasberry on top.. I made these of felt so they stay nice and stiff. These are not my original idea, I saw these in the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue and just had to make them. I did the fruits different then what they had. I love making three dimensional felt objects. Last year for Christmas I made hair accessories for the girls. I have them on my flickr. I did a hairdryer, hair curler, and compact. The fruits were so fun to make. I made the costumes a little loose around the neck so that they wouldn't be too tight with coats on. The felt will be nice and warm though. I did the cupcake holders in cream. I liked the look of the cream, because I usually used cream colored papers (felt). The girls look so funny waddling around the house as cupcakes. My son had other ideas of what he wanted to be. So I wasn't sure I could recreate it as well. So he found his at the store. He loves it. I am so relieved to have these done, so that I have the rest of the week to tweek anything I might need to . Have a wonderful day!

Things that I have been doing

Well I have been presently trying to finish halloween costumes. I was under the weather all weekend so the thought of staring at anything or sitting at a machine was out of the question. All I have left to do is make the head part to my littlest costume and complete. They are so funny looking as little cupcakes waddling around. I have been brain storming new ideas for my shop lately. I just need to get on the ball. Too many things in my head, such little time. I usually listen to pandora when I sew and I came across a band called "The Blow". They have a electronic feel to the music and the lead singer, a female has a very good voice. It is the type of music that gets you going and you want to sing along. Seriously check out my link. So good. My husband and I got a date for the first time in awhile. We had a nice quiet dinner, and then went to see the blockbuster hit " Paranormal." So freaky. I was squeezing my husbands arm the whole time. I have always had a major fear of the paranormal. As a child I saw the movie " Poltergeist" way too young. I would pray at night that I would never see a ghost. Great one to see at the theater, very fun.. Oh, a great one to rent, " Brother's Bloom." It has a full cast Adrienne Brody, Mark Ruffalo, and Rachel Weisz. Such a good movie. On another note I keep wanting to try so many other crafts lately, but they do take awhile to learn. I have a desire right now to do metal working. I would love to learn how to hand engrave jewelry pieces with pictures and things. It looks like so much fun. As of right now I have been reading up on screen printing. My husband bought me a screen printing kit a few years ago, but until now have I had much time to fiddle with it. I have been reading the instructions over and over, now I just have to get some acetate and a 150 watt bulb and I am on my way. Well, first I need to figure out what I want to print. I need to brain storm. "Must finish halloween costume," zombie voice.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Thriftstore Jackpot

Thriftstore Jackpot
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I was so excited to find these vintage McCall's craft magazines for 50 cents each at the thriftstore. I had drooled over flickr member, doe-c-does wonderful collection, and dreamed of finding these myself. Alas, I did and I can't wait to stare at these for hours. I will have to share if I end up making some vintage inspired gifts out of these. They are in such wonderful condition. I love to collect vintage of any kind. I have drawers of old vintage patterns which I need to share. I have various other magazines that I have found. I loved how they made so many wonderful magazines with such in depth projects. The colors are so fun to look at. The vintage knitting magazine I found from 1958 has the best poses for the models. Whomever owned these must have kept them in a box because they are in great condition. I plan on putting the knitting one in my shop because I know their are fellow crafters who might enjoy this more than I might, not being a knitter quite yet. Well I must go!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Costume Making

Wow! Fall has finally arrived with pumpkins, spooky halloween decorations, costumes, candy, bonfires. I have been in the process of costume making. Cupcakes are the order this year. My daughter is so petite that I have to keep modifying my original pattern. I thought I was completed but now need to do some tweeking. It has been fun making and I plan on posting pictures as soon as its not falling off her shoulders. I decided to use felt so that it would give a bulkier stiffness and warmth for the cool fall night. I have been very much inspired by the pottery barn kids catalogue. I notice they go for a homeade look which I love being a crafter, but not so much the cost of each item. I can make a costume for a about five dollars or maybe less. I recently was looking at costumes at retail stores and was blown away at how much they were charging! Forty to Fifty dollars for a costume that looks like it would rip the first time a kid falls (which happens quite often). No way! I will make my own, and have fun doing so. Now my son is not so interested in mommy making his, but we did find a better alternative. Star Wars is always the one he wants but forty-five dollars wasn't going to cut it, so we looked in the toy aisles and much to our excitement you could buy various other superhero costumes for play for only ten dollars! Thats more like it, and the quality was even better. With three little one's forty dollars each for halloween just isn't an option. So we make it work, and make sure everyone is satisfied, and they usually are. Okay if you haven't checked out Grosgrain Fabulous this week, do so. She has made a queen of hearts costume for her daughter and it is simply amazing. And they best part is, is that you have a chance to win it. She really went all out, amazing sewing skills and design. She made it without a pattern as well. I hope to make a pdf of how I made my daughters costume if I can get that together in time for halloween. I made fruit to go on the top so I definitly want to share how easy it is to make. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making Clothes

I love to sew my own clothes. I have a coat pattern waiting for me that I need to start as the cold weather creeps up . I finished a coat over the summer that just needs buttons. I love creating it is like one big puzzle. Each little piece makes this wonderful thing that you created. Now coats do take some time due to lining but it is well worth it. I find that summer shirt are the easiest because you dont' have to hassle with the sleeves. I am anticipating one day getting a serger so the seams have much more finished look. I am planning my daughters halloween costumes as of right now. She wants to be a cupcake and I hope that I can make it come together. I am so excited for this task. I must begin soon. It will be here before I know it. Well off to a Virtual Lab.