Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have you ever gone through a period in your life where your not quite sure what it feels like to feel normal ?
This has been my last few months.
I don't typically get too personal over here, but I thought I might divulge what has been happening around these parts.
It all started back in February with headaches, in which I learned I had high blood pressure. Seemed a bit odd for someone of my age and size, but I thought sure I can deal with this.
I had started to get used to the meds, when I started feeling jittery and anxious.  I thought this might be just nerves or side affects of the meds.  It then progressed into full fledged anxiety attacks on a level I wasn't sure I could recover from.
I felt helpless.  I couldn't eat for about a week. What was going on?
Thank goodness the attacks started to subside, but then were replaced by acid attacks and chest pains.... What!
I am still in the process of narrowing this down, but this has probably been the longest several months of my life.
My next journey is to the gastro doctor for a look at my insides. 
As a mother to three and a wife, it is not easy feeling so incapable to do alot around the house.  I have always been a busy body, baking, cooking, enjoying my minatures, embroidering.  All of which have been put on the back burner in order to relax and work through it all.
It feels good to share this part of me, because it has been quite challenging.
I have done a whole lot of reading.  I got a Kindle for Mother's Day and have been enjoying it immensely.  I have read the first two books of the Hunger Games, which I absolutely love, and "A Girl Named Zippy", and " She Got Up Off The Couch."  Loved those so much!
Since I haven't felt well, I have really started to notice the little things that matter everyday.  Taking in the little moments, and not taking them for granted.  My husband helps me so much to make these moments special and take them in.  He is so good at being spontaneous.  We have taken a fishing trip with the kids (their first time), built a rocket ship, went go-cart racing.  All firsts for the kids, and the joy that they showed was priceless.  I celebrated my daughters 6th birthday on Friday, crazy how times flies!
Well, I'm off to watch a Netflix movie and eat a piece of leftover chocolate Birthday cake!