Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Handmade fun for kids

I love to make some handmade gifts for my kids. A couple of years ago I made them a puppet theater of sorts using Amy Karol's " Bend The Rules Sewing Book." It was such a fun gift to make and the kids have enjoyed it. (I need to buy a new pole, it got bent in one of the shows.)

I have thinking about another big project this year and I think I'm wanting to make a teepee. My kids are obsessed with building tents around the house and it would be fun to have one we could put up and take down when we needed to. I would love to customize it for them. Something to think about. I need to figure out all the specs and prices of equipment. I found a tutorial on "Sew Mama Sew" that I plan on using. Okay, all for now!


  1. Yeah, those are such a great project. It was on my list for this summer, but it hasn't happened yet. I figure it could still be fun in the winter so maybe I'll whip one up as the "joint" Christmas gift for Oliver & Amelia. I've read that this is a *perfect* project for vintage linens because they are big, pretty and inexpensive!