Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Few Things About Mother's Day

Any and all chocolates are acceptable on this day. In fact they are a must. Served on a platter preferably!
You are by all means to be waited on hand and foot! Slippers are a must! And you know what... Eating Nachos and Desserts on the light colored couch.. Well hell's's your day!
Diets? No, this is not even in the Mother's Day equation. We are entitled to all comfort foods, but of course, not cooked by us. As stated earlier, you want to each on the couch, sure..why not? Be sure to sleep in. Spills.. no big deal..not your job today. Showering is definitely optional. Have a great Mother's Day! I know I will. Filled with relaxing, hand-made precious cards, and spending time with my sweet family!