Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Valentines

I am not hugely into Valentines Day, only for the candy (runts mini hearts no-longer :( I do love to collect anything old that tells a story. One of those that I have in the past collected is vintage valentines. I keep these two on my fridge year round because they are so cute. I love children's valentines. I think one of the things that I like the most is hearts. For some reason or other I just love hearts. I like to draw hearts, wear hearts, and cross-stitch hearts. I like to make my valentine card every year too. Last year I made my husband a valentine that was completely 80's stars througout the card. It featured Bill Cosby, Mr. Belvedere, Punky Brewster, He-man, Webster.... It was fun to make. I didn't watch alot of the sitcoms as a child as much as my husband did. He can quote lines from almost any eighties sitcom, remembers their names, plots, it's quite crazy. I hope to create one that can top last years.

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  1. I like these old cards too , I especially love the Halloween ones, like these: