Friday, January 29, 2010


Since the days of "grunge" and " Kurt Cobain", I have been into plaid. Ever since eighth grade, I have adorned myself with a button up plaid shirt in my wardrobe. I always search the thriftstores for the perfect vintage plaid shirt. They are harder to find these days because we had a break style wise from the plaid, but now its coming back. Not so much for me cause plaid was always right there in my closet. Plaid button ups always look good with jeans, and I am a jeans type of girl. I remember the days of going through my dad's closet and borrowing his plaid flannels. They were quite oversized, but they were so cool and the awesomest colors. I remember having the high top black boots, the flannels, the jeans. What is so awesome is that style is so back, and I'm loving it. Oh and yes, I jumped for joy because I figured out my artistic glitch. So excited. I need to do some painting this weekend for my frames. I love to frame my embroidery in embroidery hoops, but I get so bored with the wood, so I have been painting them. We were using spray paint, but the fumes in the winter time got to be a bit much. So I think I might go to just good old paint. I went to the fabric store last night with all the intentions to get paint, but got sidetracked by the pattern books for spring, and all the fabrics on sale. You know I'm real good about writing a list out, and then never taking it out of my pocket to check what is on the list. My coat pocket is filled with so many lists that when I go to get my list out , which is rare, all these other lists fall out, and then I can't figure out what I needed on my list. I am not very organized as far as list making goes. I think that my mental list is good enough, but there are several occasions where the toilet paper would have been something good to remember. Have a great Friday!!

(pics from weheartit)


  1. i love that plaid is back too! i am a farm girl so plaid & flannel are staples of the wardrobe. but now more places have cute plaid button ups. wearing one today from goodwill actually :)

  2. Goodwill flannels are the best. They are nice and soft and worn in. Flannels are so cute too with a thermal underneath. I <3 flannel!