Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cheap yet Healthy

As a new year starts I start to think about what goals I may have for the year,and what I didn't accomplish last year. December always throws me for a loop as far as falling behind on exercise, eating, and sleep. January always becomes my month to get back to where I need to be. My husband I want to get our health on the up and up so we are trying to eat more wheat, vegetables, and less soda and sugary foods. Our weakness is Hostess cakes and soda. We realized that we may have went overboard. I thing a key thing that helps with a healthy diet is not eating out. We don't typically eat out alot . Our typical eating out is a pork taco at our fave mexican joint. I really don't like not knowing how something was prepared because it typically has a extragavant amount of sodium, high fructose corn syrup, or other unimaginable ingrediants that I shouldn't put in my body. I can monitor all my ingrediants and usually I like my food better. With three children I try to not go over board on groceries but find things that are healthy and meet our budget. I like peppers. I like the whole rainbow of them. I usually buy them fresh but they are too darn expensive. For just 1 dollar you can get a whole mixture of red, yellow, green, and onions in the frozen section. Brown rice is also not very expensive and goes a long way and you get your grains. Now wheat tortillas are very healthy but typically my family hates them and they are expensive so I do opt for the white. Okay "Sun Luck" plum sauce. Yummy, yummy. I added some of this to my asian style taco and it was a delicious dinner. The great part about this sauce, while it does have sugar, it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup and a little goes a long way. The kids loved this minus the peppers. Chicken breast is a great meat as well that I added to my taco with a few dashes of light soy sauce and powdered ginger. Okay now that I told you my whole dinner menu , try it out , and tell me what you think. Now if I could just get those Hostess cakes out of my head.

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