Monday, January 4, 2010

My New Moped

My husband is a part of a vast group of Mopeders called the "Moped Army", or his local branch called the "Bourban Bandits." They cruise the streets of Louisville on their vintage mopeds. I have longed to ride next to him and finally my dreams have come true. I have been imagining any accessories I would like to add to my bike to give it some flair. My moped is a Puch Maxi, in a champagne color. I love green so I hope to find some mild greens to accent the color. The amount of gas they save is crazy. I just need to get a side car to fit all the kids. I can't wait to cruise to the local grocery and fill my basket with groceries. My husband and I will be celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary in about a year and a half, and we hope to take a trip to San Fran to ride with the moped group their for their rally. To cruise the Golden Gate bridge or ride through the Sequoias. I'm getting so excited!

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