Monday, January 11, 2010

Scrambled Eggs And Birthday Wishes

I'm just having one of those days where I feel like a big scrambled egg. One of those days where you stub your toe, run into a door, or burn your finger, just annoying. I sometimes feel like I am a WWF referee with having three kids and homeschooling. We are having much chaos with math at the moment. I have to say , I always hated math, was never good at it, so I can't blame him, but I know that he is so smart, he just doesn't like to do it. So insues much frustration. But I know we must work through it, with much patience, please Lord give me an extra heaping helping this week. Even through all the frustration in life or even in my immediete frustration I must look at the big picture. I have been very much encouraged this past year by read "Nie Nie Dialogues". She is a young women that was in a plane crash and was burned. She has dealt with so much pain and emotion and having four children. As I read her blog I am filled with much awe and wonder at her continued growth. She is a beautiful example of courage and strength amidst all odds. I am just thankful I have three healthy children, a wonderful husband , and a roof over my head. I often when ever complaining think to myself that I am very thankful that God in his plan did not choose to place me in third world country with disease. I am so ungrateful at times. I do have something to celebrate today as well. My youngest turned 2 today! It seems like she has always been a part of the family. She is my dare devil, little mommy, miss independent, sweet, extremely silly little blessings. Happy Birthday My Sweet Esme.

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