Saturday, January 30, 2010

Roller Skates and Blue and Yellow Tights

We are going to have a snowy weekend this weekend. Last night after having some delicious homemade pizza ( our friends made) we came home and I decided I was going to check out what was on demand. I have been wanting to see the movie "Whip It" with Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Wigg, among other famous cast members. I was definitly entertained and I think the overall movie had a fun upbeat mood. I don't think it was the blockbuster of the year, but I would say I was entertained, and I just enjoyed the overall message of the film. As a mom I think we tend to fall into the trap of what we see our kids doing and they see something completely different. I just want to make sure that my kids do something that they thoroughly enjoy and I don't want to be the bummer mom who dashes their dreams. In the end it turned out great! Now I want to see live roller derby. We do have a league here in town. So I have been wanting to get some bright colored tights. Now I am usually a jean wearing person, but as of lately I have been seeing all these bright colored tights, and they just make me want to wear bright colored tights. I was looking around this morning when I came across a killer deal. I went to Gap and found blue tights and yellow tights for just $3.99. I was thrilled so I bought both. I can't wait to get them. Now I just need to find some cool skirts or dresses to wear them with. I am anxiously awaiting the new "Built By Wendy" the sew U guide to making the girls best frock. I want to make some cute dresses or skirts for spring. If you are not familiar with Wendy Mullin, you must check her out over at her shop to check out her collection! I have several of her patterns. They are modern, easy to follow directions, and they always turn out super cute! Have a great Saturday!

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