Thursday, January 28, 2010


Do you ever get an idea in your head, and no matter how you try it just doesn't work out. I have an art piece I'm working on, and I have made so many test runs, and it is just not turning out the way I want. Ugh! As goes life. I am going to attempt it again today, and if I get this the way I want, I will jump for joy. I have added a balloon piece to my shop yesterday. I have several more to add, but I need to do some finishing touches. This week I have all these pent up ideas to work on, but I have just felt in a rutt health wise. We all have runny noses around here. Usually I never get a full fledged cold, but just feel run down for several days. When I get an idea in head I get so overwhelmed by needing to make it in that instant that my stress levels go through the of. Does anyone else feel this way? I usually am running 2 miles a day, but the past few weeks I have fallen off the wagon, and I'm sure this has contributed to it. Wow! I sound so positive dont' I?
I really shouldn't complain, I have it good! I mean I get to stay home everyday, have nice cup of coffee, raisin bread (I'm on a kick) in the morning, and spend time with my kids al day. How can I complain. I can't wait till the spring. The spring means "spring cleaning" which means thriftstore palooza of items, and yard sales. I love treasure hunting. Oh yes, I don't know if anyone is watching this, but I am a bit obsessed with "American Pickers." This show is just making me so happy. It is two guys who travel the midwest finding people with just barn fulls of treasures. I have learned some tips on how to find people who have the vintage goodies. These guys are not afraid to ask anyone what they may have and if they are willing to sell it. Oh this show gets me all excited! This would be my dream job! Their goal is to find the diamond in the rough! This is so my husband and me. We see the end result. My husband restored a 1978 Puch Magnum Moped that had rust, tons of dirt, and all kinds of hidden treasures (spiders), to just amazing condition. It is amazing now. Watch this show if you are a picker like myself.

(All Pics come from We Heart It)

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