Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Cornbread for You!

Today was a cold day. The type of day that chills you to the bone. I couldn't think of a better day to make bean soup and corn bread. Bean soup is not one of my husbands fave meals to eat, so I told him he could not have any of mama's cornbread. I like the type of cornbread that is sweet. It is a vegan recipe to modifty for allergies, we all love it here. It was such a warming meal. I might just have to end the day with a hot chocolate. I have had a bit of an obsession this winter with mocha's. I have tried them at as many places as possible to see which is best. Mcdonald's is actually not that bad, Panera is delicious, Starbucks is good, Local joint ugh okay, but I have to say the mocha I had at Borders is the best. I don't usually get into coffee drinks but I believe my husband has won me over, and I need a pick me up everyday. I have been steadily working on my embroidery project for the Lexington Arts Center. I have to add flowers to the tree and a few more accents and I believe I will be done. It has been fun working on it in the evening. I have finally figured out a french knot, with a few slip ups here and there. Also today I worked on making a eye mosaic of my family, even the dog. I'm not sure how it got started , but I kind of went with it. The kids have the most beautiful eyes, but my husband has the most incredible green eyes. I have so many project swimming around in my head after I complete my embroidery project. I want to dive deeper into my artistic side this year. One project at a time. I have must complete my crafty resolutions for the year. I try to learn at least one new craft each year. In years past I learned how to sew, sew my own clothing, embroider, and cross stitch. I desperatly want to finally learn to either crochet or knit. I have been wanting to learn but everytime I try to start I get overwhelmed. Which is usually not like me, I am usually up to the challenge, but for some reason or other, my patience dwindles. This year I must make time to learn.

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