Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whiskey Business 3

I had so much fun at the moped rally; Whiskey Business 3. We had about 300 mopeders. I was insane to see! I rode for about 2 hours. There were only a few injuries. I was very thankful I didn't spill. My husband was so proud of me how well I kept up and didn't ride dangerously. We rode through some of the most beautiful countryside. Horses, flowers, farms, its was so picturesque. For safety reasons I don't have pics of that part. I am feeling the aches of riding that long, but it was well worth it. The different colors of paint on some of the mopeds was amazing. There were a few neon colors, sparkly colors, and other types. We ended our day with watching the largest fireworks display in the country, "Thunder over Louisville." Happy Sunday!

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