Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself

I chose the picture above because it sums me up. I love to be at home with my family, I love to collect vintage (telephone table, orange phone), and I love to sew (the shirt was made by me). I was reading "The Dainty Squid" and she introduced herself, so I thought I might do the same. Here are some facts about me you may not know.

1. I have been married for almost nine years, and my husband is my very best friend. We have the same sense of humor, love to take drives in our car, and love to lay on the couch in the evening and eat snacks (he makes the best snack packs= snacks he buys from the gas station). One time he came home with a coffee cake, beef jerky, a coke, and combos. Yeah it was the best Friday ever!

2. I love cooked sushi , but most of all eel!
3. I grew up in Ohio, but have lived in California, Missouri, Kentucky, and Indiana
4. I hate driving over bridges. I almost always have visions of plunging over the edge (horrible I know).
5. I taught myself how to sew and embroider. I love to sew my own clothes.
6. I like to watch reality paranormal shows too much. I don't even believe most of it, but find it entertaining.
7. I have never had a manicure. A bit of a germaphobe.
8. I have never left the country.
9. I had never been on a plane until college, and with my luck, had to end up sleeping in the Chicago airport by myself.
10. I thought I would be a graphic designer after I graduated highschool but instead went to a fundamentalist christian college in Missouri. I had a great time there, only because I met my husband and my best friend there. I did learn a few things as well ;) ( I got written up because I wore converse with my skirt, yeah, the rules were crazy).
11. I love to collect Re-ment (ugh, yeah I'm sure you knew that)
12. I never had a boyfriend until my husband! I knew it was love at first sight!
13. I am shy when I first meet someone. I always feel ackward when I go places by myself. I always think people in the stores think I'm stealing.
14. I dye my hair red, most people think its my real color.
15. I would love to travel the country in an R.V. or streamline trailer when my kids get older.
I hope I can get to know my readers ever better , and that you know me better. Tell me about yourself!


  1. I am your sister. I think ya pretty well know me! LOL

  2. Hey there sister! I think I do know you! LOL!