Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Things

I found this vintage reproduction at the bookstore for only 4.98. I was so thrilled. I have seveal metal wind-up toys, and I loved the colors on the rocketship. And who doesn't like rocketships!

I love vintage napkins. I loved how springy these looked. I just wanted to eat a lemon marangue pie. I like to use vintage napkins on coffee tables and side tables as like a mini table clothes to add some flare for the season at hand.

I had my fave taco's at Luna's. Al Pastor Tacos all the way. They are the most delicious tacos ever! I finally took a pic of the world famous tacos!

You can't have your mexican tacos without a mandarin "Jarritos." Only the best little mexican places have the "Jarritos." Packed full of sugar and deliciousness.

How was your weekend?


  1. Thanks guys! Yes I need to take pics of my ladybug, frog and snail tin toys. I bought them at little windup shop in cali.