Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where Have I Been, What Have I Been Doing?

My Kabobs!

I am still alive, just busy. I got my hair done today, which was super nice. I got some funky layers and got my red hair all fired up again. I did some short layers on the top of my hair but kept the long length. A funky touch. We did some grilling tonight too, in the rain. I was really in the mood for chicken kabobs with peppers and onions. The were delicious! I went on the hunt for a new pair of jeans, but came home with new shorts, a jacket, and a tank top. Gap had an extra 40% off of clearance so I scored a jacket for 5 bucks and a tank for 3, not too bad. I have the hardest time finding jeans I like. I cannot pay 70 dollars for jeans, but I hate the cheap ones at Old Navy, they just never fit right. So I search the clearance racks. I have been working like a crazy lady to do a consignment deal with a local Louisville shop call "Hey Tiger." If your in the area check it out! It is super fun! We have been doing alot of playing outside with all this spring weather. I can't wait to get my garden growing. I have all my pots started. We have been having a ton of rain, so I hope to get my soil all loosened and ready to plant. My husband and I have been really wanted to get a Nintendo to play all the old games. We are not huge in to video games, but the nostalgia of it, gets us all excited to play. Those games always were family friendly, easier to play, and bring back memories. I can't wait to get one. I'm looking forward to this summer. We have all kinds of little trips planned in the next couple of month. Well I'm off to watch SNL in a few!

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  1. Hope you are having a great weekend. I love playing the classic nintendo games :) xx