Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I could live in t-shirts. I love finding funny ones at the thriftstore. I haven't had much luck lately, but I have been on the hunt. I love the website Threadless. They have the funniest tees for good prices too.
The Mr. T Tiger shirt is my fave! I really hope they reprint this on in medium!
Mr. T(iger) - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Okay and I love love this one. I first saw Dainty Squid wearing this one and I want this one as well. Its hilarious. They need to get my size again too!
Three Keyboard Cat Moon - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I have been having one of those crazy type of weeks. Moody, tired, short tempered, just an all around turd. Yuk. I feel like I could curl up in a ball under my covers and fall asleep type of days. As a mom, this doesn't really work out that way. My kids are at a stage where they want to know how far can I push my mommy stage. Yeah, pretty much "one of those weeks."
-"I'm just startin' to get a little t-oed."- Kip (Napoleon Dynamite)

P.S. The Dainty Squid is having giveaway from stores. Check it out!
They are the coolest coffee mugs EVER!

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  1. I love those t-shirts :) Hope you have a great evening xx