Monday, April 19, 2010

Modern Minis

There is a current green trend right now of people buying old shipping containers and refurbishing them into their own little apartment. How amazingly cool! The best part about these from Paris Renfroe is that they are miniature scale! Eek, so amazingly fun. They come in all different colors too!

Another drool worthy modern miniature is the Arnie Jacobsen house. I believe it comes out until September, but I just love the size and floor plan!

I can only imagine the price tag.

I have been checking ebay for an older dollhouse. I saw a Brio this weekend but lacked the dough to purchase it. I am contemplating buying a dollhouse kit, and modifying it to my likeing. Whats a girl to do.

On my other wants list are these adorable vintage whale salt and pepper shakers sold by RustBeltThreads on Etsy. They are just so darned happy.

Happy Monday!

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