Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goings On

I got my "Keds" yesterday. I love. My daughter told me they were "nerd shoes." I love my nerd shoes.

Okay, I must have this bell for my moped. I have a little "meep, meep" horn, but come on, I can just imagine a hamburger ringing.

This Saturday my husband and I are going to the "Whiskey Business 3" moped rally. We expect about 300 mopeds cruising Louisville, Kentucky. It is also "Thunder over Louisville," one of the largest fireworks shows. It opens up the Kentucky derby. I cannot wait to go. You must see this video that one of the Bourbon Bandits put together, featuring my husbands moped buddies. It is so awesome and has me totally stoked to ride on Saturday!


  1. haha awww, keds arent that nerdy... I think theyre cute anyways :) and mega comfy too! move over vans slip ons x

  2. Thanks Rogue! I know I want to get some in a bright color next.