Monday, March 1, 2010

Penny and Shopping

My dog Penny will do almost anything for you if food is involved. She will shake your hand, sit perfectly still, and even let you dress her up any funny way. She is quite the obediant dog. Now when it comes to digging holes in my back yard or licking my kitchen chairs for leftovers, not so obediant (we are working on this). Today is Monday of course. I'm not a fan of Mondays so much. I did a little bit of shopping this weekend. My husband needed a few new shirts, so of course what am I supposed to do while he is looking for clothes for himself, but look for clothes for myself. Now I like Old Navy for only a few of their things. I dont' think their quality is all that good, but when they have v-neck tees for $5, I will spend that much. They had some cute colors and stripes in the tees. I bought a grey v-neck and a striped pink, orange, black and grey. I did splurge on a cute dress. I should have waited until spring, but I can wear this with a cardi for the time being. I can't wait to wear my boots with this as well.

What things are looking forward to with spring?

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  1. Today was the first time i have walked Fee without us both wearing our coats, it was lovely. Your dog looks so cute in those glasses :) x