Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I very rarely find myself in a movie theater. With three kids , one of which can't quite sit still yet, and the massive price of tickets, for these reasons I would much rather buy the dvd. Being a Wes Anderson fan, much through my husband, it was a no brainer that I wanted to own "Fantastic Mr. Fox." I am crazy about anything stop motion and has intricate detail (minatures= excitement). I was super excited for "Coraline" way back when as well. So we watched "Fantastic Mr. Fox" last night , and yes, it was pretty darn amazing, or fantastic. I love how Wes Anderson brought out the actors character as they usually play in movies. Jason Schwartzman was his typical selfish, rude, overachiever, insecure character. Super funny. I love how they use the line, "What the cuss." I believe this will be my new fave phrase. Check out the making of the movie, it is so much fun!'
My husband has been having me watching these shorts called "Brules Rules." They are completely hilarious.

Have a great day!


  1. Haha! I'm going to be honest...the show that this comes on - hate it, lol. But these ("Brule's Rules") always make me laugh so hard!

    In fact, this is the exact same one that had me laughing so hard one night I was crying! ha!

    xo! Ashley

  2. I know I'm not a big fan of adultswim, but these little shorts are pretty hilarious.
    Thanks for stopping by!