Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy, Busy and More Busy

I feel like I have neglected a dear friend this week. I have been over my head with busy lately. I feel like I'm working at a snails pace on things, but family calls, and Mommy must harkin to the calls. We have been a house of snotty noses this week, and whiney folks, myself included. I put one embroidery piece in my shop this week and I have one sitting on my desk almost completed. I have a huge project I have been working on that I haven't mentioned yet on my blog. I was asked by Kristen Rask, from the ever so cute store "Schmancy" and the blog "Plush You" to create several pieces for a show at "Gallery Hanahou" in New York. The theme is "Lost At Sea" and I am having a fun time creating these pieces. I am really buckling down to have these completed by the end of the month. They aren't due until the end of April, but I don't want to wait until the last minute. I want to have time to make any changes or anything of the sort before they are sent. I am quite the obsessive compulsive perfectionist at times. I will check and recheck things. If you happen to be in New York betwen May 6th and June 11th, try and check out the show. There are so many amazing artists that will be featured. One being my all time fave Jenny Hart from "Sublime Stitching!" I learned embroidery thru her books. Eek! So exciting. "Where the Wild Things Are" came out on dvd on Tuesday. I have been wanting to see and I finally got to . So cute. The feelings of being a kid and all the thoughts and feelings you have at times that seem so huge. I thought is was so visually inspiring and the music was magical. Alot of the songs in the movie were sang by Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's . She has an amazing voice. One of the songs that I thought was so beautiful was originally written by Daniel Johnston (if you have never heard of him you need to rent the documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston, a must watch!!!!). The song is "Worried Shoes" it is so beautiful. Bye for now!

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