Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can't wait for Garage Sales and Estate Sales

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"My 80 cent picture from the thriftstore"

I get really excited when I hear the words garage sale or estate sale. My husband called me earlier today and told me he heard of one this friday that said "Sixty years of accumulation." Now thats what I'm talking about. I don't have any problem rummaging through someone's treasures. I usually go to look for things to decorate with. All things vintage is my decor style. I usually make a mental list of things that I would be looking for. I get this list going as I go through everyone's room and see if we need any small furniture such as, a book shelf, night stand etc. I absolutely love repainting each thing and then ruffing it up a bit with sand paper to give it a foe vintage feel. I am always look for vintage pictures, frames, old dolls, trinkets and such. I try to stick to my list so I don't come home with too much junk. Oh and yes I look for old cameras as well. I have a small collection of those as well. What is one of the best things you have found at a sale or thriftstore that you treasure? I have a mint green turqoisish telephone table that I adore! One of my fave finds.

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