Friday, March 26, 2010

Office Spaces

I loved the idea I found from Design Sponge of hanging a picture from garment hangers. I found this at a paper shop in Pasadena like forever ago and finally hung it up like four years after I bought it.

This is what I look at on my desk each day. We love vintage staplers. I would love to collect globes at some time.

I found this via Design Sponge. I love the little splashes on neon in this work space.

I love the colors here! A vintage farm feel!

My one item that I am still in search for, and for the perfect price, is an old school metal desk. I have found some in the past, but I felt like they were very expensive. Our office is our family room essentially. We have the desk and all its items, my treadmill, a couch, bookshelves full of craft books, and my work space. And don't forget the building blocks, legos, and little animals that the kids play with. It is an all purpose room. We have an extra room that my husband has made his moped work area. It was kind of a mudroom. I have dreams of making this into an office slash work space in the future. But for now the family room does its job! Have a great weekend!


  1. great photos, hope you are having a great weekend xx

  2. Thank you so much Alexandra! I'm glad your starting to feel better.