Saturday, March 6, 2010


This morning is such a beautiful sunny morning and I have all kinds of things that would make this day even more swell!

Drinking a yummy mocha! I love the ones at Borders!

Of course going thrift shopping and finding some amazing things!

Okay I have a confession. Lately I have been a little obsessed with "Canada Dry" ginger ale. I have always had a weakness for sugary drinks. This is the one thing that is holding me back in my attempt to eat healthy. It is so refreshing though!

I have those things that are so hard to give up, my little weaknesses. I try to run about three or four times a week, and I eat healthy throughout the day , except for my sweet tooth. It gets me everytime.


  1. i'm the same, i eat ok ish, walk for 2 hours a day but can't stop drinking pepsi. Hope you have a lovely weekend and get to do some thrifting xx

  2. Yes these darned canned beverages! They are just so good! I hope your weekend is wonderful as well Alexandra!

  3. i have never tastes ginger ale. is that odd?
    orange pop is my weakness.
    thrift store photo is great!!

  4. Okay, Anna, you have to go get some Canada Dry this weekend! Yes when I was in college I drank tons of orange soda!