Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paddington Bear

Saturdays always tend to involve cartoons. I remember as a little girl watching the "Pound Puppies" cartoons and "Gem Rockers." I would get up before everyone and eat Cheerios and drink lemonade ( I still like that combo). My husband and I were remembering Paddington bear and how much he loved marmalade. So of course I had to find Paddington bear. I came across the most amazing piece of stop motion! I love the paper surroundings and how the the characters change their face in a one dimensional way, but the surroundings are real and Paddington. My love of miniatures and making little scenes got me excited when I watched this. Enjoy! And watch the other episodes too!


  1. I love Paddington, i have a Paddington Bear..erm bear :) hope you are having a fun weekend xx

  2. Thank you Alexandra! Hope yours is fun as well!
    I need to find a Paddington now!