Monday, March 22, 2010

My Favorite Place to Eat

I lived in Southern California for several years. I don't miss living there except for three things. 1. Family 2. The Beaches (weather included) and 3. Authentic Mexican food. One of our fave places in Orange County is "Tacos Jalisco" If you ever find yourself in Orange, eat here. The funny part is, is they are in a little shopping strip behind a Taco Bell (not authentic mexican). Anyhow we found a little place here in Kentucky called "Luna's Rotisserie." It is run by a family that are Mexican, super nice, and make some of the most amazing food. We get the Tacos Al Pastor. We went there on Saturday after the thriftstore. I forgot to take a pick of my favorite thriftstore called "Unique." I found this really cool picture of what looks like a dock with boats. The colors are so vibrant and its in a gold frame. I need to get it out of the back of my car so I can take a pic. And it only cost 80 cents. Not bad. I didn't find too much that day though. My little rollerskating bear is featured on "Plush You" for the made-up sport competition for the Schmancy Olympics. The other entries are so amazing! I can't wait to see the results. I hope to have a productive week this week. I don't know if I have mentioned it before on my crafty blog, but I homeschool, so my weeks are pretty well packed during the day, so my only crafty time is in the evening. I need to start drinking coffee in the evening so I can get alot done. Well have a wonderful day! Eat tacos!


  1. Everyone needs a good authentic Mexican restuarant nearby...I'm personally still looking. Glad you found some good eats!

  2. I have never tried Mexican food, there is no where near us that does it. Hope you have a fun and productive week xx