Monday, March 8, 2010


All my ideas are sketches. I'm sure all of you work this way as well. I have been working on the "Lost At Sea" pieces and sketching out my ideas. I have one completed and will be starting the second piece this week. I really love sketching. I like erasing, and tweeking my sketches until I have them how I want them. I want to do alot more sketching this year and watercolors. I find this so relaxing. It is amazing to sketch out an idea and then see it come to life on fabric through embroidery, this is one of my favorite things to do right now. I have loved drawing since I was very young. I always had a notebook to draw in. I thought when I was younger that I wanted to be an architect. But, then I realized that I would have to be very good at math, so I didn't fiddle too long with that career idea. However, one of my fave things to do was to draw out elaborate houses, and what would be in each room. I would spend so much time doing this. I believe that is what made want to actually build my own doll house in junior high. I have always been fascinated with old structures and victorian rooms. I could sit and stare at doll houses for hours. I think it has to do alot with being a girl and wanting to decorate exactly how I like. Picking colors, furniture, accessories, all these things get a girl excited to decorate. I think the older I get, the better I get a picking color themes and what goes best together. My theme right now is vintage, bright colors with accenting black woods. That is how most of our house looks. Well I am going to enjoy this weather we are having today. They say we may get to 62 degrees! Crazy!


  1. I loved reading this, and I totally relate. I love drawing, too, but I don't seem to have the time to do it anymore. My little boy does, though. He gets so much pleasure out of it. For me it feels like I should be spending this time working, or being 'productive..'
    Your sketches are lovely. Very delicate.

  2. Hi, love your sketches, hope you are having a great week and that the weather is still warm xx