Monday, January 31, 2011

And ...I'm Back

Wow, I almost can't believe I existed without my laptop for about a week. I was able to surf a bit with the iphone, but I couldn't upload pics or really enjoy my computer time. My husband worked his butt off re-installing everything. Kudos to my husband!!
I didnt' realize how much detail cleaning I could get done without the computer. I cleaned my huge bedroom closet on Saturday, cleaned out cabinets, and the fridge. I got rid of a bunch of junkie junk I didn't need. I think I could just leave my closet door open and stare out it with pride!

I made my own lightbox tonight. I have been wanting to make one for ages, and I had a bit of time tonight. Now, it does look like a cardboard box, because it is. But it works excellent. It will be great for when I don't have time during the day to take pics.

On Saturday I made "Lemon Poppy Seed" bread. It was divine.

I just used the Betty Crocker recipe, and it was really good. I have got to cool it on these bake goods soon. I am having too much fun baking. I have found a whole new love. Every week I keep coming up with more things I want to bake. I didn't used to be a baker, because I thought it was too hard, but now that I've gotten started, I can't stop.

I got my Puchi Babie Deer in last week, and I couldn't wait to take pics.

I want to collect more colors.

Have a great Monday!!!


  1. I love your deer! and your poppy seed bread looks so yummy xx

  2. Thanks Sioux;) Thank you so much Alexandra ;)

  3. Hi!
    I'm just a new visitor and I loved your pics <3
    I hope you visit my blog back :)