Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is It Friday Yet????

With having all the days off relaxing, I'm ready for the weekend.
I am proud to say that I successfully made my first loaf of Italian White Bread in my machine yesterday. And it turned out delicious!

I've been busy reorganinzing my craft area, and my re-ment. I worked on that lastnight. It looks so much nicer in our family room now.

I have felt so much better getting back into my groove though lately. When I exercise in the morning I feel ready to take on the day better. It is so hard to get up though when it is still dark outside. I can usually beat the girls before they wake up, but my son is an early bird, were talking 6:00 a.m., if not earlier. But he is quiet and watches a show or plays in his room. It's nice though to wake up when its quiet, get my music going, and exercise. Do you have a morning routine?

We have been enjoying our Netflix lately with a the winter weather upon us. We have been enjoying all the old Muppets movies. Last night we watched the original "Muppet Movie." We have watched "Muppets in Manhattan, and "The Great Muppet Caper." We always watch a "Muppet Christmas Carol." We still need to watch "Muppets in Space." Wow that's alot of Muppet typing.
Whats your fave muppet? I still have my original gonzo from when I was a little girl. Crazy I know. My mom kept alot of my childhood toys. I still have my Barbie horse in the orginal box, with the saddle. I love having alot of my toys. My kids get to enjoy them now.

Well have a great day!

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