Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New You

The Title. I heard "New Year, New You" the other night, it seems I have heard this for many years. What does this mean for me. I mean, I am still the same person I was last year, right? I guess I could make a few minor adjustments ;)
Truth be told, I hate making new years resolutions.
I do have some goals I keep in my mind. I have been making crafting goals for sevearl years now. Okay, the learning to crochet or knit has been on there for several years now, yet to be accomplished. Okay, can I do it this year? I still want to make little crochet animals (amigurumi).
Lets see what can be somethings I can do different this year?
1. Wear more dresses or skirts. I'm sorry to say, it's easier to wear t-shirts and jeans as a mommy. But really I want to add of touch of girly to my wardrobe every once in awhile. I did make an effort by buying a "Converse" dress from Target. I'm on my way! I have a couple of pairs of tights that have been calling my name.
2. Okay, lets throw the learn to crochet or knit on their. I must!
3. Read alot. I have already finished one book and I'm on my second. So I'm working on this one.
4. Collect some new little japanese figures. I want to venture out with my collection. I currently collect Re-ment. I would love a Odeko Cat, or a Treesom.
5. Take one day at a time. I usually live most days like this, but every once in awhile I start thinking about things I want to make, and how I'm not working at the pace I should. I have to sit back and realize, I am only one person, with three little persons and a big person that need me as well. I'm not saying I shouldn't have me time, but realistically, I can't do it all. I don't want to miss out on all the little moments with my kids and husband because I'm worried about producing things artistically. They will come, and if not, no worries.
6. Watch more old films. I love the old Doris Day, Jimmy Stewart, sort of movies. I want to dive into some old cinema.

7. I accomplished one yesterday that was something I have needed to for a long time. I went thru a bunch of pics of the kids, some old, some from this past year and put them together in a big frame. I want to do this every year, so we can look back on all the fun we had, and how we have grown.

I realize these are a whole mess of personal, fun, and crafty goals, but really thats how my brain works. I let you know how these go.
Have a great Monday!

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