Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Monday. Can I just build a fort and play with all my favorite things.
This is the pic for my Mini 365 today.

Good news. I passed my written driving exam! I only missed one. I am so glad I got it taken care of. Lets just say, I have kind of putting it off.

I got my newest mini today. I got one of the mini Odeca and Nikki cats. It came all the way from Hong Kong. She is so cute and little. I will take pics tommorrow.
I'm still waiting on some fun re-ment I ordered from overseas as well.

I have been eyeglass shopping lately. I had thought I might get a pair of ray bans, but my husband thought they seemed kinda bland. So I decided I would do the home try-on program with Warby Parker. It is pretty cool. They will send you five pairs of glasses of your choice and let you try them on for five days and then they even pay to send them back. I can't wait. They have a great style. You get your lenses and frames for 95 dollars with free shipping. I really like these.

Have a great Monday.

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