Friday, January 14, 2011

This week got away

Wow, this week got away from me. It seemed quite kid busy. We are getting back into the swing of school, and really get my four year old on the road to reading by this summer. She loves to write, but sitting still to read is not her thing. My son was this way at first, but now, he can't wait to get a new book.
Oh and yes , my foccacia bread turned out beautifully.

I can't remember the last time I had it, but I had recently seen in with a recipe for soup, and I couldn't quite get it out of my head. It is super simple, and doesn't hardly take much time. I found the recipe here
I tweeked it a bit, by letting the dough rise a second time when I placed it on the baking sheet, for 15 minutes. Also , proof your yeast as well with sugar. I don't think they state that, but it is quite important to a good bread.
It can easily be a great vegan bread as a side. Just don't do dairy cheese, but the vegan daiya cheese (which by the way is delicous).

I have a hair appointment tommorrow to get my hair done. It has been much needed. I was so busy over the holidays, I kind of put it off for awhile. I want to got with a straight bang. I used to always have them in highschool, and I'm really liking the look of them again.

My husbands birthday is on Monday, and I can't wait to share with you his little gift I'm making. He loves those sorts of things. He likes to decorate his desk at work with all of his favorite things.

Lastnight we watch "Cyrus." It was quite funny while having a realistic ending. I expected a bit more creepiness, but it left you with the right amount from Jonah Hill. I really did like John C. Reillys part as well.
We also rented "Freaks and Geeks." I have never seen this show before, but I have heard amazing things about it. We will probably lay on the couch and watch that tonight.

Well I hope you have a great Friday!

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  1. that bread looks wonderful, hope you have a great weekend xx