Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Romantic Comedies

"Look Phyllis, I don't have much time for details, all I know is these people are keeping me in a cage, and calling me Petey."

Just thought I would share my 5/365 mini for today. I woke up thinking about the whole scenario.
I am using my new bread machine today. I am currently baking an italian white bread. Let's hope I did it correctly. I'll take a pic to share how it turns out;)

Last night we watched one of the movies I got for Christmas, "500 Days of Summer" with Zooey DeChanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I really do like this movie. I haven't found a romantic comedy recently that I truly have enjoyed. They are usually quite cheesy, and I'm not into all the Jennifer Aniston movies, except for "Office Space." This movie is great , in that the narrator starts off by telling you this isn't a love story. So true. It's all about getting your heart broken, and realizing in the end it wasn't meant to be. It's one of those movies where you know whats coming, just like their relationship, but you just can't stop yourself from seeing what happens. Love it!

I have to tell you a bit about my husband and my love story. It all starts in college. I thought I might find "Mr. Right" there, but I always thought I was too nerdy and quite picky. Little did I know I had a "secret admirer." Apparently he had told his friends (which he hung out with the "cool kids") that he " would not"
date anyone until he met me. What? Me?
It just so happened that we were at the same coffee shop one night. I came with some girls from my dorm and I didn't realize that we had mutual friends. That's when I spotted him, and I took a chance. I had seen him around school, but thought, either he had a girlfriend, or he was way out of my league.
Now, mind you, I am usally quite shy, and am not the first to intoduce myself, but for some reason I was feeling quite extroverted. I went up to him... We started talking about the bands playing, joking.. Before I knew it , it was time for him to leave. I hinted about where he was going, but he didn't catch on that I wanted to hang out. I was a bit bummed.
Well little did I know he wasn't going to let me get away. I was eating lunch the next day, when he came up to me and said," Today is a park day." Stupidly I asked,
"What does that mean." Duh, he wanted to hang out.
From that day forward, there have been very few days we have spent apart. We were engaged 2 months later.
I couldn't imagine a day without him. Thinking about us young and in love still gives me the goose bumps. Almost ten years and three kids later, he's as cute as ever and my best friend.
Wow that movie really brought out alot, huh?
Oh yeah, and he proposed at the top of the St. Louis Arch, with a huge banner at the bottom, Score! Of course I said yes ;)

Okay, sorry to be so lovey dovey! Have a great day!


  1. Aw, what a love story! It makes me smile to hear you've been together for so long. And I love (500) Days of Summer! It kinda breaks my heart but makes me happy at the same time. I don't usually like romantic comedies all that much but this is one of my favourite movies.

    By the way, your 365 photo really made me giggle!

  2. 500 days of summer is an awesome film, but it did make me sad because it totally reminded me of the breakup I had before my current boyfriend (but me being josephs character, and my ex being zooey)

    The story about how you met your husband is awesome :) really made me smile so much! I love gushy stuff like that, haha. xx