Monday, February 1, 2010

So I think I want to get some 80's glasses

I have been surfing the web lately and I think I'm pretty close to wanting pair of big 80's glasses, as I call them. The plastic type! I came across a few on Etsy that I like. The first pair is sold by VintageOpticalFrames They have an amazing selection of vintage frames. I particularly love the grey frames. I have clear dark blue one's now that I love, but I would love to have these grey frames. The other pair, a pair of sunglasses, remind me of the big Gloria Vanderbelt glasses, and the ones Ellen Page wore in Juno. I was saying I wanted a pair of this, and I just love this pair from Etsy seller AandOGarcia's She has so many more cute vintage items as well. I have been wearing glasses since I could walk ( and I was walking into walls so my mom thought something was up). LOL. When glasses are a part of your face for you whole life, buying glasses is so much fun. I love to get new styles all the time. It seems like right when I buy a pair that I just love, I see another pair right after that, that I absolutely love. I will keep you updated if the 80's frames make an appearance.


  1. Hey, saw you in the skunkboy craft swap flickr group and thought your blog name was totally adorable, and I wanted to make sure you had seen this photo:

  2. Thank you so much Alix for visiting! And I checked out the photo, it was so adorable! It was guniea pig in a hat right?

  3. Okay I'm such a doofus, its a "cowboybunny".(the pic) <3