Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Heart McCalls 5929

I have to say I have been making shirts for a few years now and McCalls 5929 is my all time favorite. Okay its got so many things going for it. #1. It has ruffles #2. It has plaid. And #3 It has ruffles! I have never been more proud of one of my shirts. I plan on making this for a summer shirt in a lighter cotton plaid. I embroidered a little turqoise heart on the right side of the bottom of the shirt. I wanted to add that little extra personal touch. I have been wanting to embroider and cross stitch on some of my shirts and sweaters forever now. I love love the book "Hop Stitch Jump!" The author gives so many amazing ideas to cross stitch everywhere. I have a sweater that has been dying to get a a bow, or heart, or a skull. I just washed it and its hanging dry to be cross stitched on. I am anxiously awaiting my yellow and blue tights I ordered. I want to put a combo of my new shirt with the yellow tights. I need to get all spiffied up for my date with my amazing husband on friday.

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  1. Hi, i love your shirt and those boots on your above post...i tried to leave a comment on that one but it wouldn't let me...hope you have a great weekend xx