Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Favorite Doll

I found this girl at a garage sale, and even though she was missing a hand, I couldn't get over how she looked. The metal mechanisms that make her arms and legs move are just a wonder to me. I have no idea of how old she is , but I can't remember the last time they made plastic toys that moved with metal mechanisms. She always sits next to my laptop everytime I type. The details on her dress always amazes me, the detail. Just thought I would share this little joy. I was running this morning (yes I finally am getting back on track) and I always listen to Pandora when I run and for the first time I heard the band "The Meemies." I love the girls voice. The song is "Porch Song." The video is really cute as well. Okay and I am so getting Wendy Mullins new book, "Built By Wendy Dresses." If you are learning to sew and want to know more, she is the girl to go to. She gives so many step by step instructions. Her books really helped me to learn how to sew my own wardrobe. If you are a beginner please get her book, " Sew U" a guide to making your own wardrobe. A beginner must. The best, I mean the best part is all the patterns that come with them too. She shows how to make modifications to make each piece your own. She gives shirt, skirts, and pant patterns with this one. I cannot wait to get the dresses! I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to make your own clothes. They fit better, they are the exact colors, and materials you want. It truly is an enjoyable hobby.

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