Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Watercolors on the brain

So I am working a big project right now. I will reveal more details here soon. But the project I hope will involve watercolors. Not just watercolors on paper, but on fabric. I guess to be exactly correct I want to use Dye-Na-Flow dyes that when put on fabric make a watercolor effect. The thing with acrylic paints it that they always come off more plasticy than I would prefer, and really hardens up the fabric. I want something that is going to come off vibrant yet delicate to the fabric. I don't know if I have written about Amy Karol from one of my fave blogs "Angry Chicken." She wrote a book I believe sometime last year called "bend the rules with fabric." Amy's book goes into detail of how to alter you fabric through many different methods such as painting, screen printing, and appliquing. Amy goes into great detail of all the products that she has tried and tested. Such a great resource for altering your fabric. She has a chapter on painting on fabric and I am so excited to try this method. I am planning on making a trip to our local Artist and Craftsman supply store for the Dye-Na-Flow dyes. The little bottles are as cheap as 2.79 each. I am super excited to try this out. I will post pics of my trials and probably many errors.


  1. coming from an art major, acrylic paints are water soluble- meaning that they can be diluted with water. However, they also can stain fabrics. If you are using a lighter fabric, it is possible to dilute the acrylics to give the effects of water color paints while not being removable from the fabric through washing- if that makes any sense.

  2. Thank you ms kitsune! Yes the Dye-Na-Flow are permenant as well and dye the fabric for a really cool effect, like watercolors and with lasting color like the acrylics. Thanks for stopping by.