Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Re-ment Addict I am!

If you have never heard of Re-ment before, please indulge yourself for a few minutes. If you are easily addicted to things, maybe don't:) Okay, Re-ment are Japanese minatures that are small scale miniatures that have amazing detail. The realness of each item makes each piece look realistic! I have always loved minatures and dollhouses. I built my own dollhouse in eighth grade. Okay I'm a nerd. Re-ment sucked me in a little over a year ago. Each set cost anywhere from $4to even some of the rarest ones going for $50. You can find some of the best sets on ebay, or from Priscilla's Treaures (she has the kitchens, cabinets...) I bought the kitchen to showcase some of my food pieces. I also got the now retired brown refrigerator that I absolutely love. This weekend I decided to splurge and buy some sets that I have been eyeing for awhile! The jiffy pop one was the most exciting! It came with a two liter of soda! It reminded me so much of my childhood. If you want to see more of my re-ment pics you can check out this one , this one, or okay my last one, this one featuring my barbie dreamhouse that I found at the thriftstore for $12.

Korean Barbeque! I love the colors!

Jiffy pop, minature size, come on people!

This is the Re-ment bento box set with the thermos! I also love bento boxes!

How can you resist a minature plaid thermos!


  1. I just bought a mini plaid thermos this weekend! ok so its like a giant beside yours but still... love the mini-ness!!

  2. I saw that on your blog! I will be on the hunt for a bigger version of mine!

  3. Those are great! love the mini thermos xx