Monday, February 22, 2010

So I did a little shopping this weekend

I always love to shop for shoes once the seasons change. It was an absolutely beautiful day on Sunday, almost sixty degrees, so what better day for a road trip. After living almost five years next to Zappos shoe headcourters we finally decided we wanted to check out their discount warehouse. If you have never heard of Zappos, it is a online shoe store. I have bought shoes from them in the past, because I get them in like a day because they are located 20 minutes away. Anyways, as I was saying we drove to the Zappos warehouse where they have discounted shoes they they may no longer be selling, or someone shipped back because it was the wrong size. It was nuts in there, but we were on the hunt for shoes. In the end I was so excited. Awhile back I posted about a pair of Steve Madden style shoes that I wanted. Well I came across a pair that is by "Dirty Laundry" that suited my fancy. By the way, the day we went they are doing half off the already marked down price (Excuse my excitedment, any deal gets me all excited). I got my boots , originally $69 dollars most places, for , get ready, drum roll $24.50. Ahhhh! I know this is how I felt. I also got a pair of Minnetonka moccasin shoes that are usually around $40 for $14. They are so comfortable. My family went in, a family of five by the way, bought five pairs of shoes, (the men got vans), and only spend $90. Sorry I sound like a crazy coupon lady, but if you ever have the chance to venture to Shepherdsville, Kentucky to visit Zappos, do it. You will have a blast. And the "Most Awesome Fleamarket in the world" is there.


  1. you are the luckiest girl ever! i am jealous that you have the warehouse so close. cute boots!