Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thriftstore Finds

We have been snowed in for days it seems like and I'm afraid it doesn't seem to be the last of it. Darn you groundhog! So we wanted to get out and check out a bunch of thriftstores and that we did. I think I found something at everyone! First I found the crewel kit that I just fell in love with it was $4.95. I thought maybe a bit much for a thriftstore, but I just loved it so much. Then we traveled over to another thrift shop and I found some metal embroidery hoops. I love how they look tarnished. Then at the next shop I found the sweet woodgrain thermos. It doesn't look like anyone used it. I will probably just use it for the decoration. I just love vintage woodgrain stuff. This made me happy. I think my most favorite find was the the Seven-Up Dot guy! It brought back so many memories of commercials when I was a kid! He is even a magnet. Best of all he was only 50 cents. You can't beat that little bit of enjoyment and all for 50 cents. I love thriftstores so much.


  1. Those are fantastic finds!! i love that crewel kit its gorgeous and the thermos :) Hope your not snowed in for long, have a lovely week xx

  2. i love that thermos! they are my favorite thrift store finds!!