Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Squeal with excitement!"

Yeah! I finally got my "Built by Wendy Dresses" book. After much delay with the snow and Presidents day, it is finally here! I cannot even tell you how excited I am to get to work on some of these dresses. Wendy gives so much inspiration for 25 different styles of dresses. They are for all different seasons as well, and even if their not, you can modify the sleeves, length , and collars. Wendy gives all different styles of sleeves, collars, neck shapes, and so much more to modify each dress type to make it your own. I just can't wait. I'm not a everyday dress wearer but these will look great with leggings, tights, and so many summer combos. This book is not for the beginner but if your have sewn and read patterns I think you could figure it out. Wendy's book "Sew U" as I have said before is the perfect book for beginnners, and is packed full of patterns and inspiration. I found my paints last night and did some test runs. I painted on a heavy muslin, and I love love the effect the paints have on the fabric. The fabric is not thick when you let it dry. They really are not paint but rather dye. So they can be lightened up like a watercolor but are longlasting like dye. The name is Dye-Na-Flow. I can't wait to show my finished fabric pallet. I want to do a little bit more practice and perfecting the effect I want. Such a fun new discovery.


  1. Have you ever tested that paint with stamps? I'd love to try fabric painting and stamping, but I'm a little too intimidated to do a test run with a brand that I've never used before.

  2. Thanks Emily for stopping by. I think that these paints or dyes probably would not do good with stamps. They have a very watery consistency, like a watercolor, and have a very bright dye color. I think a thicker paint would do better. I hope this helps :)