Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi, I just thought I would pop in and share another installement in my "Curiousity" series. This on is spying. I did the coloring on the opposite side of the door to signify how we always think whats happening on the other side of the door somehow is more colorful. I know as a kid spying was something I loved to do. I am having fun with this series. I have some more I sketched last night that I hope to have done this week. I am toying around with the idea of embroidering words somewhere on the pic, just not quite sure how I want to go about it. Hmmmm...

I have been enjoying borrowing the MTV show Daria from Netflix this week. I totally could relate to her when I was in highschool. The melancholy, not excited about school, attitude. It makes me crack up. Funny to think what my adolescent mind was feeling at that time. Ackward, shy, and artsy fartsy. Those were the days. I'm so glad that phase of our lives doesn't last as long as it felt at the time.

Have a great Tuesday!

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