Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day!

We took the day off today, for Presidents day. It's nice to get a three day weekend sometimes. We learned a bit about the presidents this year. My son memorized the first 12, he loves to memorize. We did a special study on Abraham Lincoln as well, as his birth place is nearby. I have always loved history.

I did a bit of shopping over the weekend. I have need a new pair of jeans for awhile now. Am I the only girl who absolutley despises jean shopping. I am not kidding when I say I went to about six different stores and tried on , almost 20 pairs of pants. Either they are too baggy, too long, too low cut, too tight, too skinny, or are faded quite funny. I finally found a pair of levis that fit quite nice. They are the skinny stretch type. The are very comfortable, yet don't look outrageous. I had hit up some crazy deals at PacSun and AE. Were talking clearance on top of clearance. I got a couple of cardis that I can finish out the season with and have for next year that were regularly 50 down to 10. Now thats exciting.
I am now on the hunt for some shoes for the spring, but I'm pretty settled on some canvas vans. I had an all black pair before that I loved. I might switch it up and get some blue. I know, I'm quite adventurous ;)

I made garlic knots myself on Friday. Garlic knots you ask? Well the most amazing creation since pizza. We used to eat these all the time in college at our fave little pizza joint. I was determined to make these myself.
I found a superb recipe by Emeril Lagasse on Food Network Recipes.
You can see my pic at the top. The recipe makes enough for the next day as well. Just heat them up on 350 degrees for about ten minutes.
Do Try!

I got some re-ment in the mail all the way from Hong Kong on Saturday. My pic that I shared with the ferris wheel was part of the loot. It is part of the Re-ment toy story series. I want to get more from this set, I almost could not believe the detail! Funny thing happened with the delivery. So we were hanging out on the couch watching golf (yes, we like golf), when I see the mail truck wiz by.
I went to the box to see what goodies may have arrived, when I see a slip of paper that says, sorry we missed you! What the, I was sitting on the couch with the front door open. Grrr... Our mailman has notoriously done this before, come on, its your job to deliver my goods on time. Well, quick witted, we know that he does a circle and comes to the other side of the street. We see him, and my husband books it to his truck with our slip. He actually had to get in the car, because the mailman conveniantly didn't see us as well ;) He catches up with him and asks why he didn't come to the door. "I rang the bell twice, and I saw your dog." What the... Really the door was open, our dog would have barked, and I was sitting on the couch. So strange. I know it was Saturday, but come on people, how silly ;)

Well before I type your ear off, I had better go! Have a great Monday, and make those garlic knots!


  1. Garlic knots!? Yes please! Glad you got your goods in the end... happy extra weekend day.

  2. Thanks Natalie! Yes they are to die for ;)