Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Monday

I hope you had a great weekend. I did. Yesterday I made a yummy chili,(I used angus beef sausage instead of turkey) with cornbread. Then for dessert I made some chocolate rasberry chocolate chip cookies. Such a nice ending to a low key weekend. We had some storms yesterday, a bit crazy out there. But we were nice and comfy with our chili.

I was bummed at the start of the weekend when I noticed that someone decided to steal on of my garden gnomes. Bummer with a capitol B. I have collected one or two every year, and they are all different. This one had a cute cane that he held while he stood next to the door. To make sure noone made off with anymore I brought them in. I used to love seeing them greet me when I got home. I may put them around the back yard this spring.

Wow, did March go by super duper fast!

On Saturday I went to Sephora in search of some new makeup. Ever since I've turned 30 I notice my skin is different and my normal make-up routine needs a change. I usually use Neutogena makeup but the foundation keeps drying my face out, which I then look flakey. My friend recommended try BareEscentuals, Bareminerals powder and foundation combo. So I went and bought it, not cheap but not too crazy at $25, but I really wanted to see how this worked. A+ I must say. After I applied it I didnt' feel like my skin was tight, didn't have dry skin, and it leaves your skin with a nice healthy glow.(I am not receiving compensation for this review, even though I sound like I'm trying to sell this ;) I believe this will be my new make-up regime. I am not a huge make-up wearer. I usually do the foundation, powder, blush, and mascara, and that it. This even makes the process faster with the combo powder.

I have been in search for a dollhouse recently. I am not sure what to settle on. If I could have my dream dollhouse, it would be a vintage Lundby Stockholm. Ugh, I love the vintage colors the rooms, well everything. I have been searching on ebay for some time. I had once bid, thinking I would win, but at the last second it became a bidding war that was way beyond what my pockets had. Thats the one thing about ebay and bidding. It somehow tricks you into spending more then you ever would if you were in your right mind. But nevertheless, you can't find these things anywhere else;)

Have a great Monday!!

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